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Always Remember To Back Up Your Template Before Attempting Any Of The Tweaks On This Site

WELCOME To Tweak My Blogger!!!

This site contains some helpful tricks and tips I picked up on how to use Blogger.  

I am a self taught programmer with knowledge in HTML, and CSS. I am still learning a few other coding languages and would like to be able to get more tweaks up on them as well. Hopefully you will be able to find what your looking for in this blog. I will always be more then happy to answer any questions or concerns with my site or Blogger to the best of my knowledge.

This site was originally created for my personal use so I could refer back to when needed, but with all the ideas I had I ended up opening this site to the public. I try to explain things in simple and understandable terms so everyone can understand them.

I hope the articles on this site will be as helpful to you as they are for me. I try to update and post new articles everyday. Join me with the followers gadget in the sidebar and get instant updates and tweaks as I create them.

If you know anything that we don't already have up that might be useful.
Please don't hesitate to Contact Us

You can also find additional help at the Blogger Help Forums

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